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23 July 2012 @ 10:07 am
Hello, guys. I'm still alive. Fortunately.

anime, seiyuu, dorama, and aoex stageplay ramblingCollapse )

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06 June 2012 @ 10:48 am
a/n: oh. another fic. What? Exams? What are you talking about? :P
okay so this is a songfic from a tearjerker song, secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ by ZONE. So love the lyrics, sweet yet sad. Orz. 
Title: Secret Base
author: airumaiden20
summary: Four things Shougo would never forget -- his big dreams, the end of summer, his secret base, and his childhood friend whom he shared the secret base with.
characters: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Sakamoto Shougo (...okay. Again. Sorry)
Genre: let's just call this one friendship and slice-of-life. :P
Warnings: AU. OOC. Bad grammar and choice of words. Typo.
Disclaimer: Nothing I own but the plot yo. No profit gained.

You and the end of summer and the dreams of the futureCollapse )
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a/n: ...okay, I know the exams lies ahead but I should write. I should. *headdesks* I have the song "My Dearest" by supercell as an inspiration for writing this one... maybe I'll write ShuNori version of this fic later orz
Title: Kono Sekai ni wa Takusan no Shiawase ga Aru (There's so Many Happiness in This World) idk why but since I watched AnoHana I started like to give my fics a long title in Japanese lol
Author: airumaiden20
Characters: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Sakamoto Shougo
Rating: T
Genre: what. Friendship - Angst? oh well whatevurr.
Warnings: AU. Hinting at shonen-ai. Bad grammar and scumbag plot. Need to beta.
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine. No profit gained.

So everything that makes me whole, I'll give it to youCollapse )
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did this by Hana-chan (mochi18) 's request, so sorry it took sooo long ==" this is my first attempt to transliterating and translating a song, I relied upon a kanji lyrics found by Hana-chan and a super noisy fanaudio to get what they said in the lyrics. Also, the translations are most likely incorrect since I'm still studying =A= I just have 30% confidence in my translation orz.

corrections are SOOOO LOVED~!

EDIT: corrected by stevenica . Thanks a lot ;)

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11 April 2012 @ 12:47 pm
The title says it all. LOL

Finally I watched SPEC : Sho last night (yes I'm super late, shuddup) and all I got is awesomeness.

credit gif: stole this from tumblr. lol.

well nothing to say here haha I've write the review of this show in my tumblr.. in Indonesian. I Love my mother language /whut
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31 March 2012 @ 02:26 pm

Okay, Sasha is flailing now.

They are really growing up! I'm almost screamed when I saw them in this video, and they look so mature. A really really good PV... I'm waiting for the full version :D 
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28 March 2012 @ 04:20 pm
Hello, livejournal. It's soooooo long since my last post, eh? Well, I'm still alive and healthy, fortunately ;) but I have sooo many, soooo soooo many things to do in RL. I am in a committee for the upcoming Japanese Matsuri in my school, and it's just 40 days before the day, ah! So busy -____- we still have lots more to work on. Everyone suddenly become busy, and I'm also left fandom for a while because of this business--and so many reasons too. XD.

Randomness Inside!Collapse )Randomness inside!Collapse )

...a quite long (and useless) post inside, eh? 

but Sudacchi likes it. (AH I NEED THAT HAIR AND THOSE EYEBROWS! ;A;)

gif credit: tumblr.
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03 March 2012 @ 01:32 pm
Okay, and I'm get so hyped when I saw this news in Tokyohive. HELLO, THIS IS AO NO EXORCIST STAGE PLAY. AND KIMI-CHAN AS OKUMURA YUKIO.

No reason not to get hyped up because of this *___* I'm pretty sure our adorable tsundere thief Kimito Totani will put up good act as Yukio!

Well, I don't recognize everyone in the cast except Kimito and Kimura though, but I'm pretty excited. But somehow I want Kimichan to portray Rin, since Rin is my bias in Aoex XD
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Last night I finished Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~

Honestly, the main reason why I watched the drama was Suda Masaki XD. But, at the last episode, my eyes were completely taken off from him into another person.

Yap, Chiba Yuudai.

Dang, he did such an amazing acting especially at the final episode! I was totally speechless when the truth was revealed and--he's amazing, truly amazing. And I couldn't stand enough his lovely evil grin >/////<  He's flawleeeeesss. After watching this, I'm agree that he is such a adorable but manly, and his weapon was not only his cute face--he got the skill. Yay.

Contains SPOILER for Runaway episode 9Collapse )

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15 January 2012 @ 11:53 am
As promised, here is Ordinary lyrics, but I'm sure there are mistakes in this one since I couldn't catch some words. I love this song, really, I fell in love with this song from the first time I hear this one. ^^

As usual, corrections and translations are welcome~

Koishiku naru, itoshiku naru Collapse )
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